2018 Nutrition models workshop

The Hackmann lab is excited to be part of the NANP Nutrition Models Workshop at the 2018 ADSA meeting (program here).

If you are participating in the workshop, you will need to bring a laptop with the following files and applications:

Exercise #1 R script 1
Exercise #1 R script 2
Exercise #1 R script 3
Exercise #1 R script 4
Exercise #1 data file
Exercise #2 R script
Exercise #2 data file
Exercise #3 R script
Exercise #3 data file


In RStudio, you will need to install several packages (caret, deSolve, epiR, ggplot2, lmerTest, lme4, MuMIn, plyr, reshape2). This tutorial explains how to install the packages (as well as how to install R and RStudio). You can also install them using this script.

If you have trouble with download or installation, please contact the Hackmann lab (thackmann_at_ufl_dot_edu) or arrive 30 min before the workshop for help.

If you are interested in accessing materials from last year’s workshop, they are archived here.

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