Gastrointestinal and Feed Microbiology (ANS 6715)
Beginning in fall 2018, the course will be hosted online and available internationally. Email hackmann_at_ufl_dot_edu in order to coordinate enrollment with your home institution.

Interest in gastrointestinal microbiology has surged in recent years, particularly with the revolution of microbiome sequencing. This course meets the needs of students who want to pursue this area but do not have a gastrointestinal microbiologist in their home department. Content is focused most on microbiology of the rumen, but humans, horses, other species, and feed are also covered.


Sample lecture 1

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Animal Nutrition (ANS 5446)
This is a graduate course taught in-person at University of Florida. It gives an overview of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins and their functions in the animal body. Emphasis is placed on intermediary metabolism of the nutrients and energy.